Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I thought about making a post with bulleted "things I'm thankful for" points, but this late at night, my brain can really only focus on one.  So here goes.

This Thanksgiving I'm [still] thankful for my family.  One thing I learned when I went off to college was how blessed I was am to have my parents.  Six years later, I'm still speechless and in awe at the blessings God has given me:

He's given me parents who not only love each other, who not only love me, but who love God above all else.  I'm so thankful for the example they've set for my sister and me.

He's given me healthy parents.  My heart is heavy for those who are dealing with sick parents; I think you've got to be extremely strong to handle that!

He's given me parents who disciplined me and taught me right from wrong... of course I'm still learning a lot of that for myself!  Nevertheless, I eventually learned that disobedience wouldn't be tolerated.

He's given me parents who try to let me learn about life on my own, but who are a phone call away if when I have absolutely no idea what to do, where to go, or how to cook [hey, we all have our struggles!!].

They are smart, funny, kind, caring, compassionate, stern, loving, giving, secure, faithful, loyal, honest, weird [yea], witty, creative, stern yet flexible, and beautiful both inside and out.  Not to mention they let me have my very own dog when I was 11.  That was pretty cool :).  I'm not saying that you're less fortunate than I am if you were brought up in a home different from mine.  I'm not saying that at all.  What I'm saying is that I'm muy muy grateful for what God has put in my cup.

I hope this Thanksgiving that you can look at your life and really dig deep into what you're thankful for!  Count your blessings, for they're new every morning!