Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tell me about it... Stud

My new favorite thing: looking through all of the fabulous jewelry on the Max&Chloe website.

I have neatly organized (I guess I don't need the word "neatly," seeing as to "organized" means neat in some way, form or fashion) some of my favorites!! For future reference, items are numbered by Row, Column.

 .fabulous studs.
I particularly like the 3-initial ones (1,3) and the ones on the bottom far right (3,4).
I've had a thing for studs lately...

.simple gold or silver earrings.
I think they're called "Peas in a Pod" ... I can't remember. But I think 2,3 are fabulous.  I also love the white ones (3,4) for the summer!!  

.the fun, colorful earrings.
All of 'em.
I LOVE the Kendra Scott earrings (2,3) in Chalcedony... & yes, even better than the turquoise ones!
Who am I kidding... I love all the colors. (1,6)

.and then the dainty, everyday necklaces.
I really love the initial ones (2,5, 4,1)

 .playful, not-so-dainty necklaces.
I love big. (1,1)
I love color. (5,1)
I love chains. (2,4)
I love twists. (3,4)
I love black. (5,3)

I'm not much of a ring person, but I figure it's probably because I don't own many nice ones.  If I had any of these, I'd wear them!
(2,1, 2,4, 3,1)

I don't usually go for big bangles, but I didn't think 3,1 was too bad.

Dad, I know you read my blog. Let me know when you want to pick out a graduation present. ;) just kidding. Maybe...

*all photos are from the Max&Chloe website.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Watch the Lamb

Easter this year felt like Thanksgiving - Round 2, with a lot of new soon-to-be family members.  I can't remember the last time I ate so much food on Easter!  I have definitely been blessed when it comes to family members who can cook a good meal!!!

Easter means so much more than I could even try to put into words.  My Savior died for me. Me. Little ole me.  When I didn't [and still don't] deserve it at all.  God loved me so much, that he sent his Son to die -- his SON -- so that I may have life.  And here's the cool thing: He's risen, He's alive, & I praise a living Savior!  Talk about a great love story!!

I used to love listening to the choir sing the Easter Cantata.  Perhaps the part I loved the most was my dad singing Ray Boltz's "Watch the Lamb."  It always made me get a knot in my throat, still does:

and a little Easter funny for you:

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

knock knock...

...ain't that the truth!

I love myself a good joke; but more-so than the punch line, I love a good reaction!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011



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