Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Week in Pictures

My girlfriends & I had our first official summer pool party!!  We sat around on noodles, rafts and blow-up seals {okay... so the blow-up seal didn't work out so well for us big girls} and enjoyed some drinks, chips, push-pops and gossip.  Not to mention pool-side magazines that I like to pretend to read but never really do...

Me and the bride
My sister & cousins
MaJohn {my grandma} got married!!  We enjoyed some good QT with the extended family during dinner and afterwards at the hotel.  The wedding was simple & elegant, just the way the bride requested.  I feared the reception, however, was going to turn into an auction as my father gave his speech: "I've got two beautiful, [pause for emphasis] single [cue the laughter] twenty-four year old daughters."  Oh, great, we're about to be auctioned off! Going once... "I never thought the first woman I'd walk down the aisle would be my own mother." Cue more oohs and ahhs and awws and laughter.  The night consisted of telling stories, catching up, & reminiscing with my extended family.  God truly has blessed me with them... I never really realized how lucky I was to be related to such wonderful people until my eyes were opened in college.  So for that, Lord, I thank you.  You have given me a family far better than I deserve!

 I'm taking care of this sweet JCPenny record player and some vinyls that belonged to my Granddad Fred.  I found Judy Garland's "Over the Rainbow," I'm in lurve with it, and there's nothing more special than genuinely enjoying something that belonged to a grandparent!

 And I thought O.P.I. had the best "Name the New Product" committee, with names like "Do You Lilac It" for a delightful hue of purple.  Until I saw this new product at Bath & Body Works.  Well played, B&BW's "Name the New Product" committee.  Well played.  Maybe O.P.I. will gain some inspiration from this hand cream.  I'm thinking a seductive nude color titled "Look Ma, Nude Hands." Yay?
If you have no idea why this is funny to me, or to the people of Generation X, maybe Y, click here and go to 1:40.

The sunset was amazing!! I enjoyed a 2-day vacay to Lake Hamilton earlier this week.  It was full of rest, relaxation, sunscreen & cold brews.  Oh, and a good sunburn.  Did I mention this vacay occurred on Monday & Tuesday?! Who's to say I can't have a little bit of a summer break before entering Big Girl World??

Look at this adorable little birdhouse that was handmade by this adorable little old man!! I bought it at First Thursday in Hillcrest.  The best part?!  It only cost me a mere five bucks!!  It gives my balcony some much-needed character! Not that I sit out there, anyway... too hot!

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